Welcome to A Plus Hops, a leading supplier of Hop Plants, We have been supplying plants to retail
outlets for over 20 years to make plants available to the homebrew community and gardening

All of our Hop plants are grown by the UK’s premier hop plant propagator
The Hop Plant Company who produce plants for the commercial UK hop gardens
as well as hop gardens across Europe.

WGV Hop Plant In 2 Litre Pot Hop Twine (500m) Traditional Wire Hop Pegs
Hop Twine (500m)
Our Price: £24.50
Traditional Wire Hop Pegs
Our Price: £1.99
Yeoman Hop Plant in 2 Litre Pot Styrian Golding Hop Plant in 2 Litre Pot Bullion Hop Plant in 2 Litre Pot