New Varieties Available For Pre-Order

New Varieties Available For Pre-Order

Hops are the unsung heroes of craft beer, providing unique flavors and aromas that make each brew one-of-a-kind. And now, five new hop varieties are set to shake up the brewing world: Oregon Cluster, Pocket Talisman, Saphir, Sorachi Ace, and Spalter Select.

First up is Oregon Cluster, a classic American hop variety that has been used in brewing since the 19th century. Oregon Cluster is known for its earthy and spicy aroma, making it a popular choice for traditional English-style ales.

Next on the list is Pocket Talisman, a hop variety that's new to the market. Pocket Talisman is a dual-purpose hop with a tropical fruit aroma that includes notes of pineapple and melon. With its unique flavor profile, Pocket Talisman is sure to be a hit among brewers who are looking for something different.

Saphir is another new hop variety that's generating buzz in the industry. This hop is known for its fruity and floral aroma, which can add a bright and refreshing character to your beers. Saphir is a versatile hop that can be used in a variety of beer styles, from lagers to IPAs.

Sorachi Ace is a Japanese hop variety that's known for its unique lemon and dill aroma. Sorachi Ace has a high alpha acid content, making it a great choice for bittering in IPAs and other hop-forward beers.

Finally, Spalter Select is a German hop variety that's well-suited for use in traditional German-style beers. Spalter Select is known for its spicy and floral aroma, which can add a subtle and nuanced character to your brews.

All five of these hop varieties are now available for pre-order, giving brewers the opportunity to add them to their collection and experiment with new flavors and aromas. With their unique characteristics and versatile uses, these hops are sure to be a valuable addition to any brewer's toolkit.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the craft beer scene, be sure to check out these new hop varieties and see how they can help you create unique and flavorful beers. Place your pre-order today and get ready to take your brewing game to the next level!

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