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UK Serebrianka Hop Plant

UK Serebrianka Hop Plant

2 Litre Pot

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Key Flavours

  • Herbal

Variety Information

  • Origin: Russia
  • Primary Use: Aroma
  • Height: Tall
  • Group:
  • Also Known As: Silver Hop, Silver
  • Flavour Description: Hints of black tea, herbs and even tobacco
  • Beer Style Guide:

Growing Information

  • Season Maturity: Early Season
  • Ease of Harvest:
  • Typical Yield: 220 kg/hectare
  • Wilt Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Powdery Mildew Resistance: Moderately Resistant
  • Downy Mildew Resistance: Unknown
  • Hop Mosaic Virus Sensitivity: Unknown


Bare root hop plants are available from late November until early April. Dates will vary depending on the weather and ground conditions however, we hope to start lifting from the field by November 1st.

The best time to transplant hop plants lies during this period whilst the plant is dormant.

Plants in 2 Litre pots are available from May until September.


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UK Serebrianka

Serebrianka, or Silver as it is sometimes called, is a Russian aroma hop and parent to Cascade. Its commercial viability was tested for a staggering 20 years in the US before it was discarded in 1991 for a number of faults, most notably, its incredibly low yield. It is however still sometimes available for home brewing use.

Given its origin and flavor profile, Serebrianka is thought to possibly be related to Saaz and is said to impart some interestingly unique aroma characteristics that include hints of black tea, herbs and even tobacco. It has high humulene and farnesene, which no doubt contributes to its pleasant and largely continental aroma and taste.

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